theoral no. 1 – Conversations with Marco Eneidi and Andre Gingrich

theoral no. 2 – Conversations with Mira Sidawi and Xavier Charles

theoral no. 3 – Gespräche mit Paul Lovens

theoral no. 4 – Conversations with Nicole Brooks and Clayton Thomas

theoral no. 5 – Conversations with Jim Denley and Mazen Kerbaj

theoral no. 6 – Pannonia Tales. Gespräche mit Franz Hautzinger und Hans Falb

theoral no. 7 – Tricksters Performing. Conversations with Michael Zerang

theoral no. 8 – Extended Version. Gespräche mit Christof Kurzmann (incl. CD)

theoral no. 9 – Só a violência ajuda onde a violência impera. Conversations with Osman Arabi and Alberte Pagán

theoral no. zen – Eine fröhliche Gelassenheit. Gespräch mit Radu Malfatti

theoral no. 11 – The ABC of improvisation. Conversations with Laura Altman and Monica Brooks and Andrew Choate

theoral no. 12 – Until the lion learns to speak. Conversations with Hamid Drake and William Parker

theoral no. 13 – Konkrete Abstraktionen. Gespräche mit Angelica Castelló und Burkhard Stangl

theoral no. 14 – Slapstick Shamanism. Conversation with Tristan Honsinger and Joel Grip + On Being A Medium


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