A p r i l – 1 0 – 2 0 2 0 – – a t

Au Topsi Pohl
Pohlstraße 64
10785 Berlin

Sven-Åke Johansson, hi-hats
Philipp Quehenberger, synthesizer
Didi Kern, drums

THEORAL – bright medium for uncynical voices is an ongoing book-project dedicated to conveying voices of artists who consider improvisation as a central element of their practice. Its aim is to create a collection of an oral history of the creative music scenes (improvised, experimental, new music, jazz, &c.) which is at the same time – following Gilles Deleuze’ and Félix Guattari’s notion of the rhizome – permeable and open to all other art-forms. The Editeur acts as a medium, translator and filter. The artists tell their story themselves, because, quoting Henry Threadgill: “Who else … would be better suited to speak about this product than the instrument through which it appears? Surely, if such highly creative music can come from such minds, the same minds can give some insight about it and themselves in relationship.”

List of past issues

On the occasion of the publication of the 15th edition – All The Genres. Conversations with Philipp Quehenberger and Didi Kern – we follow Markus Krispel’s invitation to Berlin to present the new book as well as the project in general. Books will be available, exhausted issues can be found online.

More info:

Interview with the editeur

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